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1. ( intr) to make mention (of) 2. ( tr) to direct the attention of (someone) for information, facts, etc: the reader is referred to Chomsky, 1965. 3. ( intr) to seek information (from): I referred to a dictionary of English usage; he referred to his notes. Refer definition, to direct for information or anything required: He referred me to books on astrology.

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TEP simply refers to the three most important aspects of a translation project,  In other words, “Referring/Ordering Physician” is the Physician that establishes Medical Necessity. Therefore, when billing for a clinic or your own physician-  You may want to improve your pronunciation of ''referring'' by saying one of the nearby words below: reform · reference · refer · reflect · referred · reflection  Référence : définition, synonymes, citations, traduction dans le dictionnaire de la langue française. Définition : Fait de se référer Mar 24, 2017 Southern Pest Control is offering a Double-Sided Escalating Referral Program that will reward $50 to $250 for those who refer a friend,  It can mean who are you talking about. but it could also be a question more specific about the reference made when the who is obvious. for example: the answer  What refer means in Tamil , refer meaning in Tamil, refer definition, examples and pronunciation of refer in Tamil language.

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Referring is the process of directing someone to someone else for help or information, or directing attention to something specific. An example of referring is giving a recent college graduate the name of a person to contact for a potential job.

REFERRING - Translation in Swedish -

Referring meaning

An example of referring is giving a recent college graduate the name of a person to contact for a potential job. An example of referring is putting a citation in a research paper to show the source of a quotation. Find 11 ways to say REFERRING, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. What does refering mean?

Proper usage and audio pronunciation (plus  Feb 4, 2016 Maybe it's "What're you referring to?" To refer to something is to talk about something, to point to something, to mean something. E.g. Definition of 'Referring Sites'. Definition: Referral traffic is a Web term, used to denote incoming traffic on a website as a result of clicking on a URL on some other  REFER Meaning: "to trace back (to a first cause), attribute, assign," from Old French referer (14c.) and directly from… See definitions of refer. cover publisher logo. © 2007. Saying, Meaning and Referring. Essays on François Recanati's Philosophy of Language.
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To direct attention to. 3. To recommend someone to another health care provider for specific testing or treatment. Medical Dictionary, © 2009 Farlex and Partners. refer someone to someone or something.

The act by which somebody or something is referred; a reference. what are you referring to translation in English - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'what for',so what!',what about',what's what', examples, definition, conjugation Grammar You always refer to someone or something: He referred to my letter.
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REFERRING - Translation in Swedish -

To find a file, search on “Order and Referring ,” “Pending Initial L and Ts Physician,” “Pending Initial L and Ts Non-Physicians,” “PMD,” or “Attending and Rendering.” Synonyms for referring to include implying, alluding to, expressing, conveying, denoting, designating, indicating, signifying, showing and suggesting. Find more Con riferimento a.